Our company with the name LUKOT s.r.o. was established in summer 2004 and it is registered in Trade Register. LUKOT is exclusively Czech company. It is in possession of two owners.


As first impulse for development of our products it can be named to make maintenance and cleaning of garden tools easier. You give us the truth cutting of grass around cottages and family houses is pleasant relaxation, in particular with petrol land mowers without obstructing electrical cable. All strain is ending with cutting the last grass stalk. It is easy to pour out the grass basket and wipe outside surface of the mower, but maintenance of internal parts (drum, cutting knife) is unpleasant and difficult. These parts are often filled by grass and clay.

This is the best way for corrosion. Petrol land mowers have one disadvantage: they must not be inclined (danger of petrol and/or oil spilling). Then it is necessary mechanical cleaning and spraying on some ramp. You are dirty and wet by all impurities and water after such cleaning. In addition this work is dangerous (possibility of injuries).